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Why CollectCloud is for you

Why Collectronics

Collectronic’s software suite, CollectCloud incorporates the legally-required steps and back-office processes by creating prompts and reminders to proactively manage accounts, automating document creation, filing, and mailing process.  The software helps you minimize the risks and liabilities associated with your practice while improving the timeliness and accuracy of your firm’s services. 

It also helps your clients – including community association managers and professionals – by providing them with real-time information regarding the status of matters. CollectCloud helps increase transparency and streamline your work, making your work easier, and letting your clients know the status of the matters you are handling.


The software includes features designed to simplify your work and help you to achieve your goals without the costs associated with traditional technology infrastructures. These features include:

  • Automated document generation 

  • Real-time status 

  • Customized and automated workflow processes, calendaring, attorney fee and cost tracking

  • Integrated mail solutions

What you achieve with CollectCloud

Process accounts proactively for rapid turnaround, instantly provide your clients and association managers with the statuses of active matters to increase client satisfaction. 

CollectCloud improves your productivity by saving you time in every aspect of your firm's legal process. It allows you to manage more accounts more easily, with fewer errors, and without the need to commit additional resources.


Unlimited support and free virtual training ​

CollectCloud is hosted in a secure data facility with real-time back-ups of all client data, both on-site and in a fail-safe geographically separate data facility. We offer support and free virtual training to our clients.  We also assist our clients with marketing to expand the reach of their brand. Our marketing team is always happy to assist your law firm in providing live virtual demonstrations to your clients and prospects.

So, if you want to drive productivity and growth, improve the accuracy of your legal work and increase client satisfaction, then we have got you covered. We have the valuable tools you need to easily manage your community association practice while providing your clients with 24/7 real-time information. 

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