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The CollectCloud Product Features

Our Product

CollectCloud is a suite of cloud-based software applications to oversee every aspect of your Condo & HOA assessment collections department, including the ability to handle thousands of delinquent accounts at every stage of your collections workflow, manage and maintain projects, and streamline your firm's mailing process.

Instantly provide your clients and association managers account statuses through CollectCloud. Process accounts proactively for rapid turnaround. CollectCloud improves productivity through time-saving features and standardizing procedures. Efficiently scale your workload with fewer errors and less overhead.


Disentangle and AUTOMATE complicated tasks and processes through customized workflows designed to help your bottom line. Guide team members through standardized actions and procedures to adhere to best practices and reduce overhead.

Maximize your resources with prioritized notifications, elimination of unnecessary timewasters and prompt delivery of results. Ensure proper billing and invoicing with robust fee schedules and automated integrations with popular 3rd party billing programs. Streamline and template your forms, letters and emails with fully customized document preparation and generation.

CollectCloud is at the forefront creating efficiency through automation.


Easily TRACK the status of all your accounts and projects with our web-based tracking and case management system, giving you the tools needed to manage your collections department. Use CollectCloud’s robust reporting capabilities to monitor staff productivity, workloads, and timeliness.

Provide your clients with real-time access to accounts and status reports through our online portal. Use case notes, automated emails, and authorization requests to enable collaboration between your collections staff and management companies and association boards.

CollectCloud allows your firm and association clients to better plan, organize and manage its operations including assessment collections, litigation, real estate development, architectural review, covenant and bylaw enforcement, payment plan monitoring, administration and more. Achieve transparency with your association managers and boards using built-in performance metrics and goal tracking.


Improve how you COLLECT delinquent assessments and fines using our software system specifically created for the community association industry. Custom built workflows keep accounts moving through the collections process while complying with each jurisdiction’s legal requirements. Our robust ledger is designed for assessment collections and enable you to recover all amounts owed to your associations. Automated application of payments and interest generation ensure accurate ledgers and efficient balance tracking.

The base package includes automated form generation, calendaring of critical time periods, customized workflows, fee and cost tracking (including integration with popular billing platforms such as Timeslips®, PCLaw®, Orion™, FreshBooks, Juris® and Time Matters®), automated mailing label generation with real-time tracking of delivery status, paperless files, payment plan tracking, employee performance metrics and productivity reports, and much more.

CollectMail® is an electronic label tracking enhancement, eliminating the time-consuming task of manually preparing envelopes, filling out green cards, and tracking the delivery status of your mail. CollectMail provides a complete and real-time audit trail of each piece of mail sent through any of the online applications in the CollectCloud® suite. With CollectMail, each shipping label, including First Class and Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested, is automatically generated through our application and assigned a tracking number from the U.S. Postal Service. A simple click of a button generates an envelope with the return address, recipient’s address, correct postage, and USPS tracking number which can be printed directly onto an envelope and tracked through the corresponding matter.

CollectCloud is designed for community association law firms and collection agencies to help them become more profitable, transparent, and timely in providing assessment collection services to their clients.

Features include:

•   Online Customer Portal

•   Secure, web-based status reports

•   Automatic document generation (including Word and PDF forms)

•   Tracking and calendaring of important periods and events

•   Customized workflows/Predefined Task Templates

•   Assessment, fees and costs tracking including interest calculations

•   Timeslips®, PCLaw®, Orion™, FreshBooks and Juris® integration

•   Integrated mailing label generation with real-time tracking of delivery status

•   Centralized, paperless files

•   Payment plan administration and monitoring

•   Real-time data replication and redundant back-ups of all data and servers

•   Unparalleled customer support and new user training

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