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Collect Cloud Customers

What people say about us 

My practice is managing more collection files without having to add more staff.

CollectCloud has never failed to live up to a promise made.

Ansell, Grimm, and Aaron

 The best feature of CollectCloud is the accountability it creates internally and externally.

Our clients love the ability to track our progress and review the status of their collections accounts

customer service provided by the Production Support and Development teams is outstanding

 Goede, DeBoest & Cross

Without CollectCloud, our paralegals would not have been able to manage the very significant caseloads that we ask them to handle. We love how you give us attention, listen to our suggestions, and implement our ideas.

Mercer Trigiani

 CollectCloud has greatly increased not only the firm‘s efficiency and productivity but also our clients’ regard for our work and reputation.

Wood + Lamping

Dramatically increase productivity and decrease the learning curve for our newer paralegals.

We have increased our competitive advantage by our ability to service the clients and track our collections efforts better than we could before.

Porter McGuire Kiakona

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